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A Day in the Life with a Springer Spaniel: Owner Experience

Just over two years ago, I would have never thought that we would have a dog, let alone a Springer Spaniel. Living with one was a blurry image we had tried to imagine countless times, sitting on the sofa in the evening and discussing it in detail.

We wondered how our lives would change. Would we have enough time to properly care for a dog? How much would it cost to own a Springer Spaniel? How would this impact our hobbies, work, and all the daily routines we had become so used to?

All these questions and many more were pretty quickly answered when we decided that it was now or never to have a dog in our lives.

That time came on July, 2022, when Molly, the Springer Spaniel, came into our lives and turned them upside down. πŸ™‚

Image of two weeks old Springer Spaniel puppy.
Tiny Molly with my wife.

Early Morning Routine

Let’s get this straight: our morning routine has changed dramatically since the early days when Molly was young. You may need to adjust the level of activity you provide your dog over the years. That’s just the ups and downs of owning a Springer Spaniel (or any dog in general).

It’s a common adjustment for many pet owners, but those habits you’ve had for years before having a dog may need some tweaking.

We’re now waking up earlier, around 6 AM. You might think it’s because Molly is up and anxious for us to get up as well, but actually, she is always very quiet and waits patiently without making a single noise until we wake up.

As soon as I or my wife make a sound that suggests we’re awake, she’s on our bed licking our faces and going crazy with happiness.

That’s our wake-up call. πŸ™‚

Morning Walk with Molly

My wife usually gets up earlier since she takes Molly for her morning walk. The day naturally starts with a coffee, but she has to hurry because Molly is accustomed to handling her business during the walk.

She simply refuses to do so in the back garden. Therefore, we make sure to have a quick coffee and take her out as soon as possible.

If it rains (and it does often here in the UK), the preparation takes a bit longer, but it’s not too troublesome as we’ve established a routine.

A typical British weather in the winter.

We keep all the necessary gear in our laundry room, ready for any weather. This includes Molly’s essentials like spare harnesses, a spare lead, her winter coat, and raincoats.

Breakfast Preparations for Molly and Coffee Ritual

Once my wife and Molly head out the door, I take over preparing Molly’s breakfast for when they return.

This typically involves washing her bowl, measuring the correct amount of high-quality dog food, adding salmon oil—which is rich in Omega-3 and highly beneficial for her—and a bit of dry food to enhance the texture.

We use a brand of dog food called Different Dog, and we couldn’t be happier since making the switch. We faced many issues with previous brands, as Molly was very fussy and reluctant to eat.

Since switching to Different Dog, she eagerly anticipates her meals—she’s like a different dog now! πŸ™‚

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Once that’s done, I prepare another coffee for my wife. After that, I have a few minutes to clear the dishwasher and take care of other tasks before they return from their walk.

Interestingly, Molly prefers to eat outside in our garden. Fortunately, our kitchen windows face the backyard, so I can easily pass Molly’s food to my wife through the window.

A Springer Spaniel in a bathrobe eating from a bowl outdoors on a sunny day.
Molly enjoys her meal al fresco, dressed up in her pink bathrobe – dining has never been this delightful!

After the previous winter, during which we constantly had to bring out a bowl of warm water to wash Molly in the backyard, we decided to install a hot water tap alongside the cold one.

This quick access to hot water has dramatically improved our daily pet care routine.

Now, we can wash her right after her walks. And trust me, Springer Spaniels can get quite dirty and muddy, even in the summer months!

A muddy and wet dog after a winter walk.
She’s still very cute πŸ™‚

If you’re considering installing a hot water tap in your garden, I recommend adding a thermostatic valve as well.

It saves a lot of time by always providing water at the correct temperature, eliminating the need to fiddle with mixing hot and cold water to get it just right.

I should mention that I work from home and my wife does not. Our morning routine concludes with my wife heading to work and Molly taking a nap.

A relaxed Springer Spaniel sleeping comfortably on a couch.
Catching some peaceful Z’s after morning walk.

I then head upstairs to my office, where we have another dog bed for Molly. She often sleeps there, waiting for our afternoon walk during my lunch break.

Midday Activities with Molly

Molly typically naps while I’m working, but if I manage to find a few spare minutes, she often spends them on my lap, playfully nudging my keyboard, monitor, and everything else on my desk with her nose.

A Springer Spaniel perched attentively on an office desk, overseeing work with a human's hand on her.
Molly, the ultimate work-from-home buddy, keeping a close eye on productivity!

We always make time for a quick cuddle, which is a nice break for both of us. However, from lunchtime until 4:45 PM, she generally has to entertain herself.

Midday Break and Second Walk

Working from home is a blessing.

We don’t need to worry much about finding someone to look after Molly while we’re working. Although things might change, for now, we enjoy this convenience.

We’ve organized everything around it, including our walking gear, jackets, Molly’s coats, and harnesses.

During my lunch break, it only takes a couple of minutes to get dressed, put on my wellies, harness Molly, and head out.

Despite all this planning, my lunch break is still a bit of a rush. I have about 45 minutes to grab a quick bite and take her for a walk.

The walk typically lasts about 30 minutes and includes playing fetch with her ball to tire her out a bit since we don’t have time for a longer walk.

An eager Springer Spaniel stands ready in a grassy field, with a bright yellow ball in the foreground.
Molly, moments before the thrill of the chase, eyes locked on her favorite yellow ball.

Fortunately, we live close to the woods and fields, which are just around the corner and take only two minutes to reach.

Molly loves this place, but we can’t venture too far like we do after work because I need to get back to work on time, especially if I need to wash her off in the garden when she gets muddy from the rain.

After that, I return to work, and Molly has time to rest and relax. Of course, I always find a few minutes to give her hugs and kisses, but beyond that, my main focus is work.

Afternoon to Evening Routine

I wrap up my workday around 4:45 PM.

Until then, Molly mostly takes care of herself, spending her time napping and occasionally curling up on my lap for a few minutes.

The stretch between my lunch break and finishing time is somewhat lengthy, but she has learned to wait patiently. She can even tell when I’m about to finish work; dogs are incredibly perceptive about the little routines we have.

For instance, she recognizes the signs like me turning off my monitors or hanging up my headphones. These cues let her know that work is ending and it’s time for our longer evening walk.

Afternoon Walk and Relaxation

Right after work, we head out for our walk. I usually don’t have urgent matters to attend to, so we can take our time.

Molly is a Springer Spaniel, a breed known for overheating easily, so I always bring a bottle of water with us. Even in winter, when overheating is less of a concern, her high energy levels mean she needs hydration.

During these walks, I typically leave the ball and throwing stick behind. Although Springer Spaniels are energetic, I must consider her joint health.

A Springer Spaniel lies beside its owner in a field, both gazing into the distance, with a water bottle nearby.
In the calm of the field, Molly and I share a serene break, soaking in the vastness of the open skies.

The walks themselves are enough to tire her out without the need for intense fetch games, which could stress her joints. She gets both physical and mental stimulation from exploring new environments and sniffing various scents, which is crucial for her wellbeing.

In addition to the nearby woods, we have access to large, open fields with plenty of wildlife like pheasants and deer.

I vary Molly’s routes between the woods and these fields throughout the week. She loves the new smells and spends much of the walk with her nose to the ground, exploring. This mental exercise, combined with a walk of three to five kilometers, usually wears her out.

View from behind a Springer Spaniel's head overlooking a long straight countryside trail.
Molly gazes down the path, ready for her next adventure in the great outdoors.

We usually return home between 6 PM and 6:30 PM, which is about the time my wife gets off work.

Then, it’s my turn to prepare Molly’s dinner. I measure her food, mix in some dry food, and add a splash of salmon oil. We then go outside where she prefers to eat. Afterwards, I have my dinner while Molly settles down for a nap.

Evening Engagement

Molly usually sleeps for about one to two hours after dinner. Once she wakes up, it’s playtime again.

While this isn’t necessary, I really enjoy it, and it seems Molly has grown accustomed to our daily play routine as well.

Play and Mental Stimulation

Our evening playtime often starts with some light physical activity, such as tug of war or ball throwing.

A cheerful brown and white Springer Spaniel holding a plush toy in its mouth, looking at the camera with bright, expressive eyes.
Molly, the Springer Spaniel, can’t hide her joy during playtime with her favorite toy!

However, since Molly is usually quite tired by this point, these activities don’t last long. Instead, we quickly switch to mental exercises, which she really enjoys.

One of our favorite games involves hiding treats around the room while Molly waits patiently in the kitchen.

I then let her into the room, and she spends the next five to ten minutes eagerly searching for all the treats, wagging her tail with excitement.

Another game we’ve devised involves a cardboard box filled with shredded egg cartons where I scatter a handful of treats.

Molly loves digging through the box to find them, and this game also tires her out quickly.

You can watch her enjoying this game in the video below.

Mental stimulation is crucial for dogs, particularly for energetic breeds like Springer Spaniels.

While many assume these dogs only require extensive physical exercise due to their high energy levels, mental stimulation is equally important.

We take Molly for 2.5 to 3 hours of walks daily because we enjoy it, but she would likely thrive on less physical activity if we supplemented with mental games.

In fact, just ten minutes of mental exercise can be as beneficial as an hour-long walk. We see this with Molly; she tires quickly and will often end up panting and lying down when she’s had enough.

A weary Springer Spaniel rests on the floor next to a basket of shredded paper, evidencing a play session.
Molly, resting after a playtime, lies next to the evidence of her fun – a basket full of shredded cardboard.

Adapting to a lifestyle that includes a dog is challenging but immensely rewarding.

The bond you develop with your dog lasts a lifetime, providing not just companionship but also a form of physical activity.

This is especially important for someone like me who works at a computer all day and is not naturally inclined toward sports or physical exercise. Walking Molly for several hours each day is a great way to stay fit, both mentally and physically.

And yes, we are exhausted after the whole day but the love you will get back from your dog is priceless and you won’t experience this in any other way.

If you interested of getting a Springer Spaniel, make sure to read our About Us page where we have described in detail our journey to owning a Springer Spaniel.

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