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Wet Paws: How My Springer Reacts to Water?

Before getting a Springer Spaniel, we did a lot of research and learned that this breed loves water. Springer Spaniels are energetic and adventurous, making them great outdoor companions.

Bred as hunting dogs to retrieve game from water, they’re naturally drawn to it. However, we never expected just how much Molly would love playing in the water and taking walks in the rain.

The Water-Loving Traits of Springer Spaniels

Springer Spaniels have a natural love for water that stems from their origins as hunting dogs. They were bred to flush and retrieve game in wet, marshy areas, which ingrained in them a natural fondness for water.

Their work required them to move through various water bodies with ease, making them strong swimmers.

This background explains why they love splashing in puddles, swimming in lakes, and enjoying rainy days. The breed’s deep connection with water is a characteristic trait of Springer Spaniels today.

Springer Spaniel playing in the water stream after heavy rain
Molly loves water no matter how dirty it is.

Molly’s Rain and Water Adventures

Molly showed her love for water very early on. During our first summer with her, which was extremely hot, we often played with a garden hose to keep her cool.

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It quickly became clear she could spend hours playing with water. You can see her delight in her playful reactions in the video below when we spent time in the back garden last summer.


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♬ Who Let The Dogs Out – Original – The Doggies

Molly doesn’t seem to mind the rain at all. Springer Spaniels are a very active dog breed and she is always eager to go for a walk, no matter the weather.

We make sure to consider her health during winter walks in the rain by cutting them short to just 15-20 minutes. We avoid using her dog coat since it gets soaked quickly, so she’s better off without it.


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♬ Good Days – Rodell Duff

Even in freezing winter rain, Molly doesn’t seem to mind at first. However, upon closer inspection, we see her shivering and cold, but her love for being outside outweighs the discomfort.

So, we keep her walks short, just long enough for her to do her business before heading back inside.

I captured a video of a walk with Molly in a storm in March 2023. Despite the heavy rain, she just shook off the water and walked ahead, tail up and happy. We both ended up soaked and cold after just a few minutes.

Walk with Molly in the heavy rain.

We noticed that Molly gets tired more quickly after walking in the rain. She comes home, curls up, and sleeps much longer than usual, probably due to the cold and loss of heat.

In the summer, though, rain isn’t an issue for her. She just finds it a bit annoying to constantly shake the water off her coat, but that’s about it.

Swimming Fun: Molly’s Adventures in Lakes and Rivers

Most dogs can swim, and Springer Spaniels are no exception. I can’t say if she’s better at swimming than other breeds, but Molly definitely swims well.

We live near the River Thames and often go for walks there, though we avoid it in winter when it’s flooded and muddy. In spring and summer, Molly loves visiting the shores of the Thames.

There are plenty of safe places for her to swim, and it’s tough keeping her away from the water until we reach those spots along the river.


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♬ Splish Splash (I Was Taking A Bath) – The Hit Crew

Molly can spend all day swimming while I sit on the shore, throwing her ball into the water for her to fetch.

We also often visit Black Park in Wexham, where there’s a huge lake with designated dog swimming areas. We love this spot because the shore gently slopes into the water, allowing Molly to run straight in from the shore.

Unfortunately, the beaches have been closed to people and dogs since last year due to blue and green algal blooms. Although we are still visiting the park for a longer walks Molly unfortunately is no longer allowed to swim in the lake until the water condition improve.


Molly, our Springer Spaniel, just couldn’t wait to dive into the warm and sunny lake at Black Park this year! 🏞️ Witness the hilarious splashdown as she gets the green light for her first swim of the season. ☀️🐾 Her joy will have you laughing out loud! 😂 Follow for more of Molly’s funny summer adventures! mollypawsup.com #FirstDip2023 #SpanielSplash #SummerDogFun 🎉

♬ A Time of Smile – Made Ariya

We were surprised when we first visited the coast with Molly. She wasn’t very keen on going into the sea, likely because of the salt, but that’s just a guess.

Another reason might be that she was so happy running on the sandy beach that she didn’t think about getting into the water. Regardless, she loves going to the coast, and we can’t wait to visit again this spring.

Springer Spaniels and Bath Time: My Experience

I’ve read many times that if your Springer Spaniel likes water, they’ll also enjoy baths.

Well, that’s not true for Molly.

She’s not a fan of bathing at all. We don’t have to force her into the bath, but you can tell from her face that she’s not thrilled about it!

How to Keep Your Water-Loving Springer Clean

While we’re talking about bathing, it’s worth mentioning that if you take your Springer Spaniel on rainy walks, they’ll likely come back dirty and muddy and need a bath or shower.

We had this problem in the first year with Molly, especially in winter. Even if it wasn’t raining, she’d end up covered in mud and dirt.

We used to carry warm water from the kitchen to the garden just to clean Molly. Since we didn’t have space for a shower specifically for her, we installed a thermostatic tap in the garden, which made our lives much easier. Now, it only takes seconds to clean Molly with warm water after a walk.

As you can see, Springer Spaniels love water, but they don’t always like baths or showers. While there may be exceptions, most Springer Spaniels enjoy water, whether it’s rain or a plunge in the river or lake.

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